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About The Creemore Community Foundation

Our diverse local community of farmers, small businesses, local residents, and country homeowners care deeply about the health, prosperity, and beauty of Creemore. The community has created successful arts and cultural events for many years; but the amount of financial support for these organizations has been very limited.  The Foundation will enable everyone from our community to broadly, and in a tax efficient way, support the needs of the community and build a gathering place for the residents to unite.


The singular focus of the Creemore Community Foundation at the moment is the ‘Creemore Village Green’ following the generous donation by the Toronto Dominion Bank of their Mill Street property. In partnership with the Township of Clearview, the ‘Creemore Village Green’. will create a wonderful community space for gatherings, events, and performances; it will allow us to highlight the “Dancing Children” statue by Ralph Hicks, gardens of the Creemore Horticultural Society and other important community features such as the Station on the Green.


The Creemore Community Foundation was founded in 2019 to strengthen and enhance the heritage and beauty of the village of Creemore, in the Township of Clearview. We firmly believe that in order to build a healthy and sustainable community, we need to invest in the facilities that provide community strength. Our primary goal is to honour the 180-year history of the village as well as it’s architectural heritage.


Enhancing Culture

Preserving History

Beautifying the Town

Board of Directors

Stuart Lazier (Director)

Stuart has lived in the Creemore area for 15 years. In our community he currently is a member of the Toronto North York Hunt Club and has served on its Board; he was also a Board member for Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE) which successfully with others fought the Mega Quarry near Shelburne. He currently is also involved, together with his wife Victoria, in personally supporting most of many of our local charities in Creemore. His background is in the commercial real estate investment business. Over the years he has had experience in real estate investing, managing, leasing, and developing over 1000 properties across Canada. He is currently the Chair of Northbridge Investment Management and on the boards at the York Club, Right at Home Realty and Automobile Property REIT. 

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Tony Arrell, CM (Director)

Tony  grew up in a small town, Caledonia, attended the University of Guelph where he graduated with a degree in Agricultural Economics and where he met Anne, his wife of 52 years. While a leader in business, and founder of one of Canada’s most highly regarded investment firms, Burgundy Asset Management, Tony’s heart lies at his farm in Mulmur. He has been very involved in the local community, including the medical center, the log cabin, various arts initiatives and St. Lukes Church. Tony has held  many leadership positions including as a Director of St Michael’s Hospital and his alma mater. He was awarded the Order of Canada in 2017 for his achievements and community contributions.

Bill Mann (Director)

Bill and his wife Barbara have owned homes in the area for 50 years and recently moved into a new house they built in Creemore on Johnston Street. He has been active in the community having served on the Boards of Creemore Farmer’s Market, Station On The Green, Creemore Medical Centre, St. Luke’s Gift Of Music, The Creemore Echo, The Tree Committee, and CARA. With the Raibles , Bill and Barb organized the first two used book sales for the Station On The Green. Before retiring nearly 20 years ago, Bill held senior management positions with both Imperial Oil and Southam Inc. He is an active gardener with a special affection for heirloom tomatoes.

Kelly Willis Green (Director)

Kelly is a second-generation Creemore area resident – introduced to the area by her parents who, in 1981, purchased a home in Mulmur where Kelly now lives with her husband, Robert. She and Robert have been active fundraisers for Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE) and were founding donors to the Creemore Community Foundation. Kelly is an independent marketing and communications consultant to the financial services sector and former Chief Marketing Officer for one of Canada’s largest independent wealth management firms.  She is also an American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) in Digital Marketing. Kelly has been an active volunteer for most of her life and was a recipient of the Governor General’s 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal for voluntary service and contribution to the community. She currently serves on the Board of Governors of Trails Youth Initiatives and is an elder in her church. She is an enthusiastic philanthropist, part-time podcast host and frustrated tennis player.

Bob Macdonald (Director)

Bob is the Founder & CEO of Bond, a global data analytics and marketing services business headquartered in Toronto with over 800 employees. He has been in the Mulmur and Clearview area since 1984 and has been active in the community as a member of C.O.R.E. Bob has a fascination with history, people and cultures. He and his wife, Victoria, are the proud parents of 5 kids, ages 26 to 11.

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