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The Creemore Village Green

The Village Green project is an exceptional opportunity to create a beautiful centre for the Village of Creemore. We believe it is a place to bring together our diverse community and serve as a cultural landmark.

The future of Creemore is close to our hearts, and it is with great consideration that we entered into this project. Community input was vital in developing the Village Green plans and which was obtained through a series of public meetings with over 700 residents participating.

Today we have a wonderful new ‘Heart’ to our beautiful Creemore community. Thank you to the 20 local contractors and over 60 volunteers who helped to bring this project alive. Also thank you to the over 300 generous donors that have funded over $4.2 million up to this point.

Creemore Village Green Grand Opening_Bryan Davies Photo-1050.jpg
Creemore Village Green Grand Opening_Bryan Davies Photo-1047.jpg

We are still raising the final $800k to endow the maintenance and operations of the Village Green. Once this fundraising is complete, we will continue to raise additional funds to invest in new projects for Creemore.  

The Creemore Community Foundation and the Township have entered into an agreement that allows the Foundation to manage the Village Green for the next 20 years. The Creemore Community Foundation has a Program Manager whose primary responsibility is to organize events, publicize activities and work with various community organizations to support their goals.


The Village Green officially opened in August 2022. We look forward to enjoying the Creemore Village Green in 2023 with you!

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