Fundraising for the Creemore Community Foundation is currently focused on funding the construction and maintenance for the Creemore Village Green. We are grateful to those in the community who have embraced and already supported this project. Through individual engagement and events such as the 2021 Jim Cuddy Jamboree, we are well on our way to meeting our current fundraising goals. Still, we need additional support to ensure the success of the Creemore Village Green.


In future, we expect to raise funds that may be invested in additional community enhancement and cultural projects.

We hope that you will join us in investing in the future of our community!


Thank you to all of our supporters:



Donations can be made cheque (our preferred method for donations over $1,000) or via the link above. For all contributions by cheque please send your donation to:


     The Creemore Community Foundation

     Attention: Tony Arrell

     PO Box 2013

     Creemore ON LOM 1G0


As the Village Green will require ongoing maintenance and support, we are also encouraging donation pledges over periods up to 5 years. Links to pledge documents and other donor information, such as our comprehensive Donor Information Package feature project updates, can be found below.


The Creemore Community Foundation is a registered charity; a tax receipt will be issued for donations.


Thank you kindly for your support.

Click Here for access to our Donation of Securities Pledge Form and our  Donation Pledge Form